Tired of reading opinions that differ from your own? Don’t want an argument, just a supportive nod? Well, using our proprietary experimental technology Adaptive Article Assignment™, we can show content that is specifically tailored to every user, displaying only the content they want to see! And this week, we’re gonna use it to tell you the TRUTH about Bumbleby. The ship. Not the animal, bike or the website. Blake and Yang. That’s what we mean.

Our technology shows the user a single image and a single question. Depending on your response, reader, you will see the shocking truth about Bumbleby. Simply click on the answer that best describes you. Oh, and don’t bother going back and trying out a different response. Because it wasn’t tailor-made for you, it sucks and it’s for stupid people. Alright, here’s the image and the question:

How does this image make you feel?

The time limit for this quiz is usually 2 hours. Feel free to take more. If a single image still hasn’t made you decide, you can look at other, similar pictures to help come up with an answer.

Alright, take your time. You should still have about 118 minutes to decide.

What? You can’t choose? You don’t care? Fine, I guess we can make a new response for you:

How do those images make you feel?

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By Lance White

Founder of bumbleby.com, enjoyer of terrible taste and even worse takes. Will take any opportunity he can to shill https://vytalnews.com - a website you should totally visit.

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3 years ago

i had to look at all 3, but yes it is awesome