Right before the New Year starts, RWBY showrunner, writer and director Kerry Shawcross posted a message to fans on the Rooster Teeth website.

The message starts with Kerry explaining that production of Volume 9 has been running great and the show is still expected to come out in early 2023. We are also to expect more news on the release date in January.

Additionally, Kerry revealed that going forward, the composer and singer of the RWBY soundtrack, Jeff Williams, has retired from creating music. In his stead, his daughter Casey Lee Williams, and Volume 8 composer Martin Gonzalez, will take over the reigns for the Volume 9 soundtrack. It must be noted that Jeff and Casey, have been with the series from the very start, as even RWBY’s very first public appearance, the Red trailer, prominently feature their music and voice respectively. Jeff also left a message to the show’s audience, which can be found in the linked post or in this pastebin here. Casey Lee Williams posted a message on her Twitter positively reassuring the fans of this change.

Kerry also announced that the Rooster Teeth’s 2D Director and Animator Yssa Badiola, will be joining the RWBY team as an Episodic Director for Volume 9. Yssa is also known for creating the Rooster Teeth animated short series Recorded by Arizal.

By Hive

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