Bumbleby is AWESOME

Bumbleby is truly one of, if not THE best ship in RWBY. And it makes sense why – both Yang and Blake are great, well-defined characters and their chemistry has been brewing since early Volume 1!

What makes Bumbleby such a great ship? We both know the answer – they’ve been together for so long and have proven time and time again that they’re willing to risk their lives for each other. Not only that, but they’re making each other a better person AND a better fighter, helping to improve themselves. Not to mention that together they’re just that cute and even their eye color is the color of their partner! Awwww!

Bumbleby is by far the most popular ship in RWBY, has consistently been named as the favorite ship of some of the cast and has even broken into Top 10 most popular ships out of all media! Those tens of thousands of talented fans writing beautiful fanfiction, drawing gorgeous art or contributing in their own way are what makes the ship stand head-high above the others.

Sure, there’s haters out there who dislike anything that doesn’t specifically cater to them. But only a cold-hearted bastard could see what Blake and Yang have both went through and still dislike them as a couple. Those people have their own dumb article version, you don’t need to bother going back and checking it.