Bumbleby is… there?

Bumbleby is what you would classify as ‘okay’. Blake and Yang certainly look to be a couple in the show and even additional material, so it’s not like you can avoid it or anything. Well, alright.

You know what type of person you are. You don’t care about Bumbleby, or, honestly, most other ships. Some may be alright, but there’s no need to get angry over two fictional characters being a couple or not. Live and let live, right?

Sure, Blake and Yang had time together. They fight together sometimes as well. That’s cool. Yeah, they’re a bit cute together. That’s pretty much it. If they stay together for the rest of the show – well, that’s to be expected. If they break up or a new ship sets sail and overtakes the HMS Bumbleby – well, that’s not too bad either. There’s gonna be angry people at both sides, but you don’t really pick sides anyway, so who cares.

And we get each other. Picking sides is hard work, and after all that you might turn out to be in the wrong at the end. Let’s just let loose, go along with the flow and eat some delicious vanilla ice-cream. Oh, and don’t bother checking the other two articles. They’re for overly-opinionated people with too much time on their hands, so they talk about insects, flowers, screws and whatever else they name those ships after.