We are conducting a survey for bumbleby.com HIVE, in which we will be gathering your opinions on RWBY, its communities and Rooster Teeth. On October 15th, the Rooster Teeth’s business controversy employee mistreatment allegations were brought to light, which made many doubt the company’s and their show RWBY’s future.

Did you lose faith in the show? Will they ever buy Rooster Teeth merchandise again? We want to hear your thoughts on this!

If you have 10-20 minutes, please fill in this form. The more people who sign it, the more accurately we can gauge the communities response.

We ask you to share this survey with everyone who might contribute any opinions, including your friends and family. We plan to host the results of the survey here on bumbleby.com HIVE, if the number of responses permit it.

UPDATE: Thank you to all the participants of the survey. You can find what the results were here: https://bumbleby.com/6-out-of-10-people-doubt-about-rwbys-future-under-rooster-teeth/

Thank you!

By Hive

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