Bumbleby is AWFUL

Bumbleby is just ‘ugh’. Blake and Yang spend so little doing anything together, that the showrunners have to force the ship down our throats. Maybe they think that if the bees are on screen, the stupid fans won’t notice any other mistakes.

What makes Bumbleby so awful? We both know the answer – they’re not representative of a real relationship. The only notable things they’ve done together are murder a dude and go into a nightclub off-screen. Oh, and let’s not forget that because they want to push Bumbleby so bad, other, way more interesting characters just got shoved to the sidelines. Like the two VOLUMES of Sun Wukong constantly risking his life to make Blake a better, happier person, only for her to forget about him the minute Yang showed up. Remember Ilia? Good, because Bumbleby certainly doesn’t.

Bumbleby is by far the most popular ship in RWBY and that just takes away any chance either Blake or Yang (or honestly any other character) could have a meaningful and deep relationship with someone, because all these bee drones need is two see those two bump foreheads and merch sales rise up. Speaking of drones, those mindless bee fans attack and label anyone who disagrees or gives reasonable arguments on why Bumbleby is such an overrated ship. No, we don’t have women loving each other – we hate relationships on the writing level of Twilight.

Sure, among the bee fans there are some really talented ones, and their works aren’t too bad to look at. But you say anything negative about Bumbleby and you’ve just stirred a hornet’s nest. Let them have their own Bumbleby article version, you don’t need to bother going back and checking it.