We are back with a new survey! This time we’re collecting your thoughts on the Crunchyroll deal to keep RWBY Volume 9 on their site for a year! That means more waiting until it arrives on Rooster Teeth’s website! You can read the statement on this by Rooster Teeth here and learn more about the change on our HIVE article here.

Did this convince you to financially support the show, or did it add salt to the wound of Rooster Teeth’s torn reputation? We’d like to hear your opinions on whether their deal with a service boasting a vast catalogue of anime is a good call or not.

If you have roughly 10 minutes, please fill in this form here.

The more people fill it, the more accurately we can gauge the community’s response – please share this survey around with everyone who might have an opinion on RWBY. We plan to host the results of this latest survey here on bumbleby.com HIVE soon after the closing the survey on February 11.

So don’t delay and take part in our survey today. And unlike Crunchyroll, it doesn’t even require a subscription plan!

By Hive

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