On July 5th, during an AnimeExpo panel, it was announced that RWBY will now be completely managed by Viz Media, an American company, known for publishing, distributing and licensing Japanese media, like manga and anime. Viz have been licensed many famous IPs, including Naruto, Pokémon and Jujutsu Kaisen.

VIZ has established partnerships with large media companies like Funimation and Crunchyroll, the latter being the last licensing partner for RWBY. Previously, VIZ has published various RWBY manga books, as well as the World of RWBY companion book.

In their announcement article, VIZ reassured that future projects are in the works, yet did not provide specific details at the moment and did not confirm RWBY’s Volume 10. The only staff currently confirmed to return to RWBY’s future is showrunner and one of the original creators of the show, Kerry Shawcross.

No details have yet been given regarding availability of previous volumes. After Rooster Teeth and its website closed, Crunchyroll have removed RWBY from its streaming service, leaving the web series without a service to stream legally.

Following this announcement, the show’s soundtrack was removed from music streaming services. VIZ has promised to bring back the soundtrack in some form, but did not provide specific details once again.

By Hive

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