Eagle-eyed fans of RWBY might have noticed a neat detail during VIZ’s announcement of RWBY’s (the show’s) revival – RWBY (the team) now has brand new designs! What these fans couldn’t have known, however, was that the designs were created completely accidentally, by someone far from eagle-eyed. Closer to a bat-eye, or some other creature with poor eyesight that flies. We asked around our staff and they also couldn’t think of any other animal.

The now-iconic team RWBY designs have changed significantly over the show’s past nine Volumes, with a new outfit being presented for each member after three Volumes without fail. A 10th Volume, therefore, would also have new designs, and many fans have taken this particular drawing at the announcement as a soft confirmation that Volume 10 is indeed happening. After all, nobody would go through the effort of creating brand new designs for a sequel that’d never come, right? Wrong. We found the culprit responsible for the new designs and we talked to them, under the pretense that they were giving an interview to a much more renowned news outlet.

Due to privacy concerns, the VIZ intern asked to remain anonymous and wished that the interview wouldn’t be posted in its entirety. Therefore, we will provide a summary of the Grace F. interview, to accommodate your precious time and short attention span:

The unnamed intern found out about the VIZ Media’s acquisition of RWBY three days before the announcement, and was tasked with creating a promo drawing for the event. Given the tight deadline and existing workload, Grace had delayed drawing the image until the last moment, and that was when tragedy struck. Well, more of an annoying inconvenience, it sure felt tragic at that moment. Ms. Fostings had lost her glasses and around the same time, her internet went down. With no way to look up references on her computer or properly view them on her phone, she had to draw team RWBY from memory. Having seen the show exactly twice in 2017, Grace had felt confident that the Volume 4 designs she remembered will be close enough.

Having to physically run to the VIZ Media offices the next morning, Grace gracefully evaded numerous traffic accidents caused by her shortsightedness, and handed in the project to her superiors, who, after thoroughly checking for 0.7 seconds, approved the image and soon posted it during the revival announcement. Ms. Fostings found out about the incredibly positive reception of her drawing only the next day. Her work, despite the lack of optical support, was immediately beloved by many, and was praised for not only its high quality, but also the radical new designs. The intern claims the inspiration to give Weiss and Yang detached sleeves came from playing too much Honkai Star Rail, while removing the coat from Blake came naturally, as the poor girl would get too hot in the desert. Yang’s ponytail was the result of Grace wanting her to match Weiss “in a sisterly sort of way”, completely oblivious to the fact that those two, are not, in fact, related.

Grace F. plans to use this newfound success as a catapult for her career, and finally ask the higher-ups to be paid for her work. Right after she finds her glasses.

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12 days ago

The coat was always lame

12 days ago

I had missed that blake got earring in the new designs