Ahead of the ever-delayed Volume 9, fans are already marveling over a new character so-called ‘Little’, a literal talking mouse. There have been bouts of posts, artwork and even memes surrounding that new little addition to the RWBY family. But now people are warning that Little could well be a villain in disguise.

A set of suspicions have aroused when Little was introduced without a name, suggesting that they may have forgotten their purpose. They could well have lost their memories, which means they most likely were involved in some evil shenanigans. Another theory could suggest that Little may lead others into a land of tentacles that could wrap around those poor girls forever after.

Those views have been challenged several times recently. One such counterargument claims that Blake should be seen as a greater threat since she’s a cat Faunus. That was quickly denied since Little could easily outsmart her. They could allow her to get hit by hammers, coconuts and even mouse traps. That argument was later dismissed, however, accusing them of watching too many Tom & Jerry cartoons.

One popular theory claims that Little is so terrifying that even Salem is scared of them. It is tied to a possibility that Little can defeat her at the show’s final fight, by taking advantage of her secret musophobia. Ruby would just need to drop them in front of her, causing her to jump on her chair and be forever fending herself against a barrage of deadpan questions from them. It seems likely, after all, musophobia is one of the most common phobias in the world.

Not your average mouse. Image by Rooster Teeth Animation

Another angle of this theory could suggest that the heroes could learn to refer to Little as a mouse. There could be a scene in Volume 9 where a character could refer to them as a ‘rat’, before they punish them by landing a curse on them. It would be a curse that would shrink them to a size smaller than a typical mouse.

It looks like that these theories are just nothing but preposterous. Rodent and rodent-related-phobia expert in psychology, Denise Drake, went on to say that people making those theories could well be suffering from musophobia too. ‘It could well be that people hate seeing mice on the screen,’ she said. ‘They wanted them to be an evil pest that needs to be killed, which didn’t help when they started to speak to the main cast. I might throw a suggestion over to Rooster Teeth to display disclaimers that these episodes may contain mice. I could even go as far as suggesting them to have Salem turned into a bipedal mouse, as bone white-skinned demonic humans can also be scary too.”

We will have to see when Volume 9 releases next year, as we get to discover the true identity of Little. Though the chances are that Little may change if the fans hope for them to be evil, or for them to be changed into a jumping spider.

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By Anna Fuchsia

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