The extremely famous channel DEATH BATTLE!, boasting an astounding 4.78 million subscribers at the time of writing, is known for pitting two fictional characters with similar themes and researching who would win in a hypothetical death battle between them. While beloved by their stunning visual and audio spectacles and actually funny writing, DEATH BATTLE! is probably most well-known for their thorough research and consistently accurate battle results that never ever disappoint. Especially not ones involving Volume 2 RWBY characters fighting god-slaying magic-wielders.

Although the battle won’t premier until May 2nd, we already have the answer who would win. Using our proprietary experimental Adaptive Article Assignment™ system, we can predict the winner of the upcoming Death Battle between RWBY’s Blake Belladonna and Attack on Titan’s Mikasa Ackerman with 99% certainty. Only catch – you need to answer a single question to see the correct article. Just click on the correct one and you’ll see the winner.

So the question is: who among these two has the superior offensive, defensive and technical abilities to win a deadly fight?

Here’s a reminder of how those two look, in case you need a refresher.

This is a Blake.
And this is a Mikasa (the one doing the cutting, not getting cut)

These two pictures should be enough to make an informed and unbiased decision.

Go on, then. Click on the correct link above and read the actual real winner of this fake fight.

Normally we’re pretty lenient on time limits on these questionnaires, but unfortunately you only have until May 2nd to find out, which, depending on when you’re reading this, could be anywhere between 0 and 364 days away.

Can’t decide? Come on! It’s only one or the other. No, they can’t end in a draw and both survive. It’s called Death Battle. Someone will die, probably brutally and highly likely by decapitation.

Fine, if you’re having this much trouble, maybe a new answer will help you decide. Let’s try this again:

Who among these two has the better weapons, armor and skill to win a death battle?

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