The Winner of the Death Battle is… Mikasa!

“Blake’s tenacity and versatile arsenal made her a tough opponent to beat, but Mikasa’s superior offense, experience and killer instinct snatched her the win.”
“When you get Mikasa angry, all hell Blakes loose.”
“The winner is Mikasa Ackerman.”

You can already hear Wiz and Boomstick announcing Mikasa as the winner in your head. It’s pretty clear why – Mikasa is one of the strongest humans in Attack on Titan, boasting a high kill count of both titans and regular-sized people. She has mastery over the vertical maneuvering gear, allowing her to zip around the battlefield in an instant. A

Armed with her swords and even armor-shattering thunder spears, Mikasa can deal with both nimble and tough opponents. Blake on the other hand can… shoot the Remnant’s equivalent of a nerf gun and swing her sword, which is fragile enough to have been broken already. Oh, and she has her ribbons, which she forgot how to use after Volume 2.

Seeing how Adam easily pierced her side, Blake’s aura isn’t invincible and wouldn’t take many hits from Mikasa’s swords before breaking and leaving her defenseless. And while you’d think that Shadow, her semblance, would be powerful in a 1v1 scenario, don’t forget that Mikasa has instincts so sharp she can predict danger, nullifying the potential advantage.

If that wasn’t enough, Mikasa has many more years of fighting than Blake will ever have. This is due to her being able to connect to every single Ackerman before herself, gaining their battle experience. And if you have questions of how powerful Ackerman can be, Levi, likely the strongest fighter on the planet, is one. Not a bad bloodline to be sure. Now how’s that going to compare to the Princess Peach of team RWBY? At least Peach, besides always having to be rescued, is good at sports…

Finally, let’s not forget… the biases. DEATH BATTLE! is owned by Rooster Teeth and RWBY is one of their most valuable properties. RT likely attempted to leverage this by having Yang win over Tifa, which resulted in such a massive backlash, they are still attempting to prove that wasn’t the case by having RWBY characters lose these fights. If you need proof, just ask Weiss.