The RWBY/Justice League comic book sold more than thirty copies over its 7 issue run, and according to the official RWBY Twitter, that constitutes a ‘breakthrough hit’. Although the comic books weren’t noteworthy neither in the RWBY community, nor in the comic book market, the idea to blend the most famous DC superhero team with America’s second most-recognized color coded team of teenagers is seemingly too profitable for Warner Bros. to pass up. And now we have the official name.

The movie, succinctly titled Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen: Part One: Origins: The Rise of Ruby Rose is what looks like to be the first of, most likely, one two movies, that… will be about RWBY and Justice League? All we know is that it won’t follow the comic-book story, which is a bit reassuring as it wasn’t really all that great. Still, it would’ve been nice to see Starro on the big screen again, but Suicide Squad kind of stole that idea as well.

The fan reception to the movie announcement so far has been… lacking, to put it kindly. While people generally do want more RWBY (or else they wouldn’t break our visiting records any time we post something related to Volume 9), the opinion of the FNDM quickly soured after CRWBY basically pushed the movie under the bus, saying that it was one of the reasons why Volume 9 still isn’t out yet. While it’s perfectly understandable that a high-budget production like a feature-film would cause delays to the show, allow me to repeat myself and say that people really want more RWBY, particularly Volume 9. Pushing it back due to a non-canon spin-off isn’t going to end well in the eyes of most fans.

Some are still excited, of course, as it is more RWBY produced by Rooster Teeth, who made the Parts 1 and 2 of the movie back-to-back. This does seem to suggest that the movie might be a smaller-scale project, with a limited (if at all) theatrical run. Additionally, comments made by CRWBY members claim that projects like these don’t interfere with the production of the show, as after finishing their parts, staff members simply move on to the next project instead of waiting for a new Volume to be ready (or worse, being laid off). In a way, projects like these keep CRWBY employed and just for that we should be glad. And honestly – I really am! I, like so many others, want more RWBY and I’m willing to pay for it. That’s not the issue here. The name is.

Oh, the name… The tentative name ‘Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes and Huntsmen, Part One’ was seen by many as simply a placeholder when it was first announced as part of the DC’s superhero-heavy 2023 lineup. Now that it’s official, I can say that I am definitely not happy about it. If Warner Bros. keeps this up, I’ll have to retire as a satire writer since I can’t keep coming up with stuff that’s as stupid as reality.

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By Will Bonson

Resident lore expert of, Will spends most of his time deciding whether to buy Yang or Neo merch.

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