Fans of the former American action web-series RWBY can finally dry their tears after the definitive cancellation of their favorite show. The company that created it, Rooster Teeth, was just one in an impressively long string of murder victims of Warner (and possibly his Bro?). While the general public had little idea what happened to the “it’s also a gun” show, there was, in fact, a brutal fight underway for the show’s eventual return. And the deletion of its entire soundtrack library.

During the AnimeExpo VIZ Media panel, RWBY’s showrunner, Kerry Shawcross and Barbara Dunkelman, the voice of Yang, told everyone the exciting news – VIZ will now manage all aspects of RWBY, including production, distribution, merchandising, and, of course, the complete removal of its soundtrack from the internet. VIZ is one of world’s largest manga and anime distributor, best known for publishing such hits as RWBY: The Official Manga and World of RWBY, while also delivering lesser-known gems as One Piece, Rooster Fighter and Jujutsu Kaisen.

VIZ Media’s official homepage following the RWBY announcement. Note the message at the top, comically and amateurishly stating “Error finding account.”

As shown by Twitter user @rainyloona, Spotify has already been smacked by the very hand that brought RWBY back, dramatically deleting each song from a RWBY playlist one by one. According to our research, literally the only song that has been kept by Spotify is Awake by Ok Goodnight, a band which features RWBY’s Casey Lee Williams as a vocalist. This is either because of the fact that the song legally belongs to Ok Goodnight, or maybe because it sucks and even VIZ didn’t want it, depending on whether or not you like the song.

The song has already been removed in other streaming services, like iTunes. Surprisingly, at the writing of this article, it’s still up on Youtube Music, which became fans’ sole haven to rock out to Red Like Roses Part II or headbang uncontrollably to Hero. Many of these brave souls were reportedly stopped, after they unknowingly installed malware to their devices while searching for “youtube to mp3 converter free fast”.

VIZ Media, in the announcement page’s their FAQ section, have reassured fans regarding the soundtrack’s fate by simply stating: “THE VIZ GIVETH AND THE VIZ TAKETH AWAY.” It is currently unclear whether or not the soundtrack will return in any form, and whether VIZ will personally hunt down anyone caught illegally downloading or distributing said soundtrack. While the latter sounds unlikely, given the last owners of RWBY were Warner Bros., even that wouldn’t shock fans too much.

Editor’s note: “Hey there, this is Jackson, the guy guilty of creating this site. RWBY’s back! And with that, our “short” hiatus is over! Now, although I’d love to say that the reason why the website’s been dead for over a year was a growing disdain for Rooster Teeth and Warner, combined with the dread of realizing that RWBY might be getting cancelled, followed by the shocking and heartbreaking news that their entire staff has been laid off, I won’t. Let’s just say I forgot the password. If the show continues in the future, you can expect more articles from us as well!

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YOU’RE BACK! It’s been so long lads, welcome back 😉

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