Local gas station cashier, Ben Davis, 28, claims he just made a realization of the decade, finally figuring out the thing that was bothering him for a long time. After starting RWBY at around Volume 5, Ben has slowly integrated himself within the show’s fandom (or FNDM) and learned quite a few new things from it, like shipping drama, the excruciating wait for Volume 9 and how the word ‘bisexual’ definitely isn’t spelled.

Ben shared his groundbreaking discovery on his personal Twitter, which currently sits at 7 followers: .

After finding the tweet while relentlessly namesearching, our intern immediately notified our staff and we contacted Ben soon thereafter. We spoke in a short interview:

Ben, could you elaborate on your discovery?

“Okay, so RWBY is a show that I watch, and there’s these two girls Yang and Blake. So some fans imagine that they’re a couple, right, and they call it shipping and they give that ship a name – bumblebee. That’s because Yang is yellow and Blake is black. Well, she isn’t black but-“

Thank you but we are painfully aware of the origins of the word, considering it’s our website’s name. Could you explain what lead to your conclusion?

“Oh, right. So it’s a really weird way to spell ‘bee’, right? I thought about it for a while and yesterday in our mandatory workplace diversity training I learned a lot about LGBT people, and I just connected the dots. Blake and Yang are clearly bysexual so it makes sense to name it ‘bumbleby’.”

Why do you think these characters are bisexual?

“Well I personally don’t, my second favorite ship after White Knight is Black Sun, which is Blake and Sun if you don’t know. But some other fans think Blake and Yang like each other more, so I guess that makes them bysexual in that way.”

Wouldn’t you say that they might be lesbians or of another sexuality entirely?

“Whoah, that’s a strong word! No, I don’t think they are the, um, L-word, since Blake definitely likes Sun a lot and he’s a guy. Oh and Yang said something about ‘cute boys’, so there’s your proof right there.”

An offhand joke in V1 as proof, not bad at all. Finally, would you say that RWBY needs more LGBTQ representation?

“Uh, don’t they have enough? There’s Jaune’s sister and she has a girlfriend and even a child, which is weird but I’m not judging and then there’s the chameleon girl. That’s not to say I oppose different people! In fact, I support LGBT and everyone who comprise it – l-l-lesbians, gays, bysexuals and teens.”

We left Ben without explaining that the BY in ‘bumbleby’ stands for Blake and Yang (or black and yellow if you prefer), in order to tell it apart from the animal, the movie and the bike. We hope that three years later this revelation will bring even more excitement into Ben’s life and that his workplace diversity training will finally start paying off.

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By Lance White

Founder of bumbleby.com, enjoyer of terrible taste and even worse takes. Will take any opportunity he can to shill https://vytalnews.com - a website you should totally visit.

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2 years ago

Being a member of the LGBTQ community and avid fan of RWBY I can say that no it doesn’t have enough representation, honestly it was phenomenal for the time it’s released but needs more , it came out around the same as Steven Universe and look at the first season of that