Many pub owners have expressed interest in more RWBY showings in their pubs, after their successful viewings of RWBY Volume 9 Episode 6 last weekend.

The first news came as people cheered after seeing Blake and Yang kissing on a projected screen in a few pubs across Britain. The episode was shown in small separate rooms away from the main halls, where irrelevant things like football, rugby or news were displayed to a larger audience. Some owners have complained that the small rooms stank of vodka and wine with scattered food bits across the soaked carpets. Others praised the idea to show a niche American cartoon, as it made the loudest cheers of the year.

The decision to host this particular volume of RWBY was first made after groups of rabid fans, no doubt encouraged by a two-year hiatus, persuaded their family members in such welcoming locations to show episodes of RWBY Volume 9. Originally intended as a way to help people see it on a bigger screen, they also found it to save their drink money by having them buy fewer Crunchyroll subscriptions. A few more pub owners agreed to showings of RWBY after Episode 3, which then went on across more pubs from Cornwall to Scotland. It wasn’t until Episode 6, that there were viewings in several pubs in London.

Sarah Hersey from Wakefield was encouraged by her youngest daughter to show RWBY in the conference room, which only attracted a few people at first. Sarah thought she had only brought her friends over. She had asked one of them if he was her boyfriend. He denied it because he came in only for free episodes of RWBY. That gave Sarah a sigh of relief since the friend was about a decade older than her.

“It was – I think – the fourth episode when I started the showings?” Sarah said, confused. “I thought I was spoiling my daughter, but then more people joined on each week. Now the entire room’s cramped on the sixth episode where that bearded man tried to kill a brightly coloured cat. He was called Curious Cat, which sounded like an odd name for a cat. Why not just name him Charlie?”

After 3PM, a crowd was inside the room viewing the sixth episode. There were small bits of laughter and gasps after seeing what happened to Jaune and the dark past of Ever After. But when Yang and Blake kissed on screen, they roared at a volume so high that football fans downstairs told them to stop screaming. Some of them found it even amusing that they were cheering over what they presumed to be a cartoon, instead of twenty two grown men chasing a ball.

A website had opened a few days before, which listed locations across Britain to watch public screenings of RWBY. Some of them led to Eventbite pages to book tickets, as well as directions on how to get to them by public transport. Fans have asked if there were any screenings of Justice League x RWBY movie and earlier volumes once the final episode was released on Crunchyroll, but the owners have said they may do screenings of other Crunchyroll shows instead to increase numbers. The shows in question would include other family-beloved anime staples like ‘Spy X Family’, ‘Food Wars’ and ‘Goblin Slayer’.

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