On May 17th the RoosterTeeth Store launched a collection of clothing, flags and other merchandise proudly displaying the LGBTQ+ rainbow colors. The store features items from a wide variety of RT properties, such as Funhaus and Red vs Blue, as well as RWBY. The characters featured in the RWBY merch are the canonically-lesbian Ilia and Coco, as well as the currently-unconfirmed lesbian Zwei.

According to the official RT Store Twitter and the official RWBY Twitter, a portion of the proceeds will go to Out Youth, a nonprofit organization that serves LGBTQIA+ youth and their allies with programs & services. According to their official Twitter, Rooster Teeth has organized similar collections since 2019 and has already donated $120,000 USD to the organization.

It should be noted that unlike many companies, Rooster Teeth chose not to release their Pride collection in June, when many companies use Pride Month as an opportunity for similar merchandising opportunities.

By Hive

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